Thursday, February 1, 2018

Rebenyu, reb Shneyer

As my father remembers it.

1. First he recalled just two lines:
«Rebenyu, rebenyu, rebenyu, reb Shneyer,
????? getrokhn (sic!) zeyer».

Then, as I got AHEIM version of the song by Semyon Vaisblai, I told to my father a shikse is mentioned there. And he told the thing as a story, supposing it can be connected with two lines above he remembered.

2. A woman comes to Rebe with complain agains her gentile house-maid, who cooks non-kosher way, who mixes dishes and who flirts with the woman's husband. Rebe gives the series of advices: how to roast or boil pots and pans and dishes to make them kosher again. And how to treat gentile house-maid: «un di shikse shik tsu mir».

UPD: It turned out that line «Me nemt a bisele ash,/ in me tint aran in vash» (variant recorded by Zisl Slepovich this year) describes a part of puring non-kosher dishes with ashes. A detailed explanation is in a video.

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