Thursday, November 13, 2008

Заявление N 666

Hello! Help!!!
That was the worst plase I have been inn too.

Servise have been decrased to umbeliveble level and food was plaseted in fats withaut resenobal casese. Plaese take some affiere,

Please replase this mesage to

Dear guest of Saint-Petersburg,

We are happy that you visited our city in the summer of 2007! Yet we were griefly upset to read in the Book of complaints and suggestions of cafe "Al Shakr" that service there was disappointingly weak as a food was horrible. For us all this details have unspeakable importance as smaller parts formating attitude to our City as much as treatment of our precious guests and citizens by the City. Therefore we investigated with rigor all facts you reported and now we are glad to
inform you this cafe is destroyed by sudden fire due to neglect manhandling with fire-extinguisher and all negligent stuff was burened therein by accident too. We also want to report that in the place of former cafe is decided to build a museum of hand organs, where we would be glad to see you in your next visit to Saint-Petersburg.

In case let us remind you the address of former cafe: corner of Pestel
street and Litejny avenue, enter from Pestel street.

We hope the regretfull incident didn't spoil your time in the City and
you are ready to visit as much, as we are expecting your visit.

Sincerely yours,
Street cafe control commettee,
Commettee major,

Spasibo za otvet. Objazatel'no posejshju jetot novyj muzej. Kogda on otkryvaetsja?

Byl by rad pomoch, no ne po nashemu vedomstvu vopros. Poprobujte po
gorodskoj afishe prosledit.

Prichina nashej nespeshnsti prosta: po pravilam my v poslednjuju
ochered' obrabatyvaem brakovanyj material. Ta KOP (kniga otzyvov i
predlozhenij) otzyvov byla neverno zapolnena - kak administracijej
kafe, tak i posetiteljami. V chatnosti, otsutstvovali nomera zajavok,
ne ukazyvalas' data zhaloby. Administranija ne predjavljala etu knigu
pri planovoj proverke, ssylajas' na poterju. Eta KOP byla obnaruzhena
tol'ko pri razbore pozharishcha.

Vash xxx

> Razdeshite pointerisovat'sja.
> Pochemu otvet na zamechanie v knizhke prizhol, skazhem tak mjagko, s opozdaniem?

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